Housing Authority

Regular Meetings


The Commissioners of the Housing Authority of the Township of Woodbridge will meet in a RESCHEDULED Session at Cooper Towers, 1422 Oak Tree Road, Iselin, NJ at 6:30 PM on Monday June 13, 2022 the hour and date duly established for the holding of such meeting.  

This information is also posted on the woodbridgehousingauthority.org website and was sent to Town Hall, the Home News Tribune and Star Ledger.

Monday, September 8, 2022
 Adams Towers - 
555 Rahway Avenue, Woodbridge, NJ   
 Monday, October 3, 2022
 Red Oak - 
300 Old Road, Sewaren, NJ   

Meeting Details

Regular Meetings shall commence at 7:00 PM prevailing time at the above locations. The Annual Reorganization Meeting for October 3, 2022, shall be held at 6:30 PM and followed immediately by the regularly scheduled meeting.


Agenda Sessions, Work Sessions, Special Meetings and Emergency Meetings of the Board will be scheduled at the call of the Chair at a date, time and place to be determined by the Chair.  




  • John Kenny, Governor's Appointment
  • Gregg Ficarra, Chair
    Term expires October 3, 2026
  • Paul Pires 
    Term expires December 31, 2024
  • Sharad Agarwal
    Term expires October 3, 2023




  • Jenny Perez-Rosado
    Term expires September 19, 2027
  • Ryan Michelson
    Term expires December 31, 2025
  • Shontay Walker
    Term Expires December 31, 2024

Township/WHA Liason

Councilwoman Lizbeth DeJesus
Term expires December 31, 2022


  • Donna F. Brightman
  • Runi Sriwardena
  • Larry Stecker
  • Mike Yannuzzi
  • Kathy Blaha
  • Kathi DiTomasso