Biz Tuesdays @ the Fords Branch: How to Drive Growth with Virtual Teams & Library Services

Tuesday, July 16 @ 6:30 PM

Fords Branch Library - Meeting Room

Join us on Tuesday, July 16 @ 6:30 PM at  our Fords Branch Library for an unique presentation on virtual teams and resources.  This program is free and open to all.  Registration is required.  Please register here.
For business owners here is a chicken or egg question. What comes before the clients or the resources to deliver? As we all know that is not a trick question. It is a real challenge. Bootstrapping is fine as long as you fly solo and stick to a certain level. There soon comes a time when you are all set to fly higher and you need a team & more resources.
The advise to build a virtual, on-demand team is not new. We all have seen someone we know actually having done that. But it is like that tightrope walking trick. It seems so easy when others do it but you crash to the ground when you try.
Luckily we have Jennifer Wilner, of Secretary Central Virtual Assistant Services, who is in the business of helping entrepreneurs and business owners with an on demand team with relevant skills. So she is is extremely qualified to provide practical how-to tips on building a team that would not let you down.
Okay that takes care of the execution. What about other resources? For example, how do you find a list of local prospects whom you can sell to? Or how do you get a national list of prospects once you have saturated the local market? That's what the library is for! Your library is a powerhouse of resources that is hiding in plain sight. It is time you met the Business Librarian, Ellen Bonacarti. Ellen is the Community Engagement and Information Services Librarian at the Woodbridge Public Library and you need to be at her session to find out what the Library can do for you for free.  All you need to do is meet Ellen and have a free library card.

Do not forget to bring business cards and promotional material for your business. There will be opportunities to network.