How to Win with these Four Aces in your Business Plan

Tuesday, February 19 @ 7:00 PM

Woodbridge Main Library - Ground Floor Meeting Room

In this seminar you will go digging for the gold in your business plan. Every business has a plan, but how many can identify the model in it? What makes money for the business is the model. How it the money gets to the bank is the plan. You will get to have a look at both the aspects. You will also be part of the discussion on the four aces that help you succeed. Those are the who, what, why and how of your business.
Customer interface: Who is your target customer? 
Value Proposition: What problems are you solving? 
Profit mechanism: Why will customers pay you?
Value Chain: How do you create & deliver value?
Presented by Saumya Ganguly (Shoumo).  Shoumo brings to the table a perspective acquired over years of solving business problems. His earlier jobs were at PwC, IBM Business Consulting and Cognizant. His clients have ranged from global Fortune 500 companies to Main Street businesses. Over the years Shoumo noticed that his work was being defined by revenue earned and employees managed. This was very different from the job of creating value and solving problems that he had signed up for.
That was when Shoumo established Obligent Consulting.  At Obligent he helps business owners with startup, growth & marketing strategies. Shoumo helps SBDC (Middlesex County) clients to solve their challenges. He gives back to the community by mentoring future entrepreneurs at the CTEC program at Rutgers. He also helps the Woodbridge Downtown Merchants Association with their digital presence.