Inside the Real World of Ghost Hunting: Help for the Haunted

Tuesday, October 29 @ 7:00 PM

Woodbridge Main Library - Ground Floor Meeting Room

Join the Paranormal Consulting & Investigations of New Jersey  as they welcome you into their world, where the dead are living, the living are haunted, and things really DO go bump in the night. Learn what a real team of New Jersey ghost hunters do, not only to investigate hauntings but to help resolve the many types of paranormal issues people experience. 

This program is free and open to all.  Registration is required.  Please register here

You’ll also get the inside story of the very haunted Gladstone Tavern, including  ghost stories, the history of the location, and what was found during the investigation that backs up many of  paranormal experiences. You’ll hear real EVPs - Electronic Voice Phenomena (spirit voices) – from that investigation and from others throughout the state of New Jersey.

Paranormal Consulting & Investigations of New Jersey was founded in 2011 by experienced investigators with a common vision of helping clients who may be experiencing the paranormal. Founder Joanne Emmons is the author of I Think My House is Haunted!, a guidebook for those living with the paranormal, and is experienced in both Investigations and Case Management.