The Life of a Lighthouse

Join us June 9 at 7PM as The New Jersey Lighthouse Society brings us a presentation that will introduce us to lighthouse history, structure, and characteristics. They also cover keepers, governance, purpose, and how weather affects lighthouses. Historical facts about New Jersey beacons and keepers who were women will also be highlighted.
The New Jersey Lighthouse Society, an volunteer organization based in New Jersey with members from around the United States. Marilyn Dunning and Alan Jacobson are volunteer presenters for the Society, they have been sailors for many years on the Chesapeake Bay, in the Virgin Islands, and in New England. They take tours throughout the United States and Canada to visit lighthouses on land and on the water.
Registration is recommended but not required! Please register here or call 732-634-4450.
**This event will take place in-person at the Woodbridge Main Library**
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