Maximizing Social Security Benefits

Monday, October 15 @ 7:00 PM

Woodbridge Main Library - Ground Floor Meeting Room

Join us at the Woodbridge Main Library, October 15 at 7PM; for an information session which will help attendees learn the ins and outs of Social Security. Registration is required for this event.  Please call 732-634-4450  or register here.
The session will explain— the history of Social Security, how the system is funded, how to become eligible for benefits, what ages you can start receiving benefits, how payment amounts are calculated, and steps you can take to maximize benefits for you and your family. In addition to this, our speaker Andy Panko, will cover relevant current events as it relates to Social Security and offer his thoughts on the future of the system. 
Our speaker, Andy Panko has 18 years of professional experience at multiple large insurance companies, brokerages, and investment banking organizations. Andrew holds the Retirement Income Certified Professional (“RICP®”) designation and is nearing completion of the requirements to earn the (Certified Financial Planner (“CFP®”) designation. He has an undergraduate degree in finance from the University of Delaware and a Masters of Business Administration from Rutgers University. Furthermore, Andy had previously taught graduate-level finance courses as an adjunct lecturer for the Business School of Rutgers University. 
All are welcomed to attend this free event!