Meet the Author: Roseann Lake

Monday, April 30  7:00 - 8:30 PM

Woodbridge Main Library - Ground Floor Meeting Room

Join us at the Woodbridge Main Library April 30 at 7pm as we welcome journalist Roseann Lake and her new book, Leftover in China: The Women Shaping the World’s Next Superpower. Lake is a Colonia native! She is also The Economist's Cuba correspondent. Lake was previously based in Beijing, where she spent five years working as a television reporter and journalist. Her China coverage has appeared in Foreign Policy, Time, The Atlantic, Salon and Vice, among other publications.
In Leftover in China, Lake delves into the unintended consequences of China’s one-child policy. Due to the policy girls have been given the resources normally reserved for boys and have been pushed to excel in school and thrive in their careers. Lake chronicles the lives of these women, who she first met during her years working as a television reporter in Beijing. Throughout China’s booming city centers, Lake saw passionate, highly-educated young Chinese women acquiring wealth, property, and a measure of independence in record numbers. Yet while her female colleagues ascended in their careers, many struggled to find suitable romantic partners, in spite of an overwhelmingly large male population and immense traditional, parental, and societal pressures to wed. 
Known as “leftovers” if they’ve failed to marry by age twenty-five, these women represent a China where gender roles have not evolved as vigorously as society itself, and where new professional opportunities have made women less willing to compromise their careers or concede to marriage for the sake of it. Some find their potential suitors’ conservative expectations on the roles of women grating against their own sensibilities. Still others find themselves on the track to powerful careers, surrounded exclusively by an older guard of already-married men and a dearth of compatible bachelors; the majority of China’s surplus men are poor, uneducated, and tied to the rural areas where they were born. The result is a mounting social quagmire: a generation of millions in limbo, torn between past and future, born into a country advancing rapidly on the world stage while nevertheless remaining, when it comes to matters of the heart, caught in “a distant, anachronistic realm that seem[s] straight out of a Jane Austen novel.”
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