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Digital Books : A User's Guide

Welcome to Woodbridge Public Library's Digital Book Collections

The information here is designed to help you get ebooks and downloadable audiobooks onto your devices as easily as possible. For step-by-step instructions for any given electronic device, check the Device Guides chart below and find your device. The columns to the right will indicate which collections offered by the Woodbridge Public Library (eLibraryNJ from OverDrive and EbscoHost eBook Collection) are compatible with each device and link to print and video instructions. For devices that use the OverDrive Media App, there are additional instructions detailing how to configure the app to browse ebooks and downloadable audiobooks offered by the Woodbridge Public Library. Instructions are available as well for using your library account to access digital books from eLibraryNJ.com.

Basic Information

  • To access digital books through the Woodbridge Public Library you must have a current (non-expired) library card. If you don't have a library card or it is expired you can find information about registering for or renewing a library account here.
  • You do not need to come to the library to either select or return an ebook or downloadable audio book. Everything can be accomplished remotely.
  • You may check-out up to five items at one time from eLibraryNJ. That includes both ebooks and downloadable audiobooks.
  • The loan periods from eLibraryNJ vary, but most items can be checked out for up to 21 days. You can change the default loan period between 1-3 weeks from your settings page in your eLibraryNJ account. The loan period from EbscoHost eBook Collection is up to 7 days (you can choose a shorter time, however, when downloading the title).
  • There are no fines for digital books of any kind; when the loan period is over the file expires and the material is automatically checked back in.
  • You may put items on hold or reserve. When the requested title is available you will be sent an email. You will have three days to download your reserved title, otherwise it will go to the next person waiting for it.
  • If you are browsing eLibraryNJ from OverDrive using the OverDrive Media Console app for a mobile device, be aware that you won't have access to audiobooks that are only available in WMA format. WMA is a Microsoft-specific audio file and cannot be accessed on other systems.

Need some help? Email us at overdrive@woodbridgelibrary.org!

Device Guides : How to get library books onto your electronic device

Device eLibraryNJ from OverDrive eBooks on EbscoHost
Windows Computer / Laptop Windows Guide /
OverDrive Media Console Guide
Video Walkthrough
Mac Computer / Laptop Mac Guide /
OverDrive Media Console Guide
Video Walkthrough
Kindle / DX / Touch / Paperwhite Kindle Guide /
Video Walkthrough
Kindle Fire / Fire HD Kindle Fire Guide /
Video Walkthrough 
Choose Amazon appstore to download.
Nook Classic / SimpleTouch Nook Guide /
Video Walkthrough
Digital Editions Guide /
Video Walkthrough
Nook Color / Tablet / HD / HD+ Nook Tablet Guide / Nook Install Guide / 
Video Walkthrough 
View "Overdrive Media Console App Install".
Digital Editions Guide /
Video Walkthrough
iPhone / iPad iOS Device Guide /
Video Walkthrough
BlueFire Reader Guide
Video Walkthrough
Android Phone / Tablet Android Guide /
Video Walkthrough
BlueFire Reader Guide
Windows Phones Windows Phone Guide /
Video Walkthrough
MP3 Players (Audiobooks Only) MP3 Player Guide /
Video Walkthrough
Other Devices See Device Resource Center  

For additional devices, see OverDrive Help and OverDrive Videos.

Configuring the OverDrive Media App

  1. Launch the app. Tap Get Books + to switch to your library list.

  2. Tap on Add a Library. Later, eLibraryNJ will be listed here.

  3. Enter "Woodbridge Public Library" in the Search box. Tap Search.

  4. Tap any of the Woodbridge Public Library results in the list.

  5. Tap the star icon next to eLibraryNJ, then tap eLibraryNJ for books.

  6. In the future, eLibraryNJ will appear directly in your Get Books list.

Logging into eLibraryNJ

  1. From the eLibraryNJ.com home page tap Sign In at the top of the page.

  2. Select Woodbridge Public Library from the list of libraries offered.

  3. Enter the full number on the back of your library card. Tap Sign In.

  4. Browse (a) or search (b) for books or view your bookshelf (c) to download them.

Having Trouble?

If you are having trouble with your device and the Device Guides are not helping you can try the following:

  • Search for your problem at OverDrive Help. OverDrive Help has many great articles that list step-by-step instructions for fixing a number of different problems.
  • Contact the reference staff at 732-634-4450 ext. 7120 during library hours. We'll do our best to help you solve the issue. Even better: drop by with your device!

Need some help? Email us at overdrive@woodbridgelibrary.org!

Common Problems

What to do if files are not downloading in OverDrive's mobile app for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)
Most of the suggestions will work on Android devices as well, but settings might be found in a different location than suggested in the article.
How do I return my books?
Returning books works differently in the Next Generation Experience. OverDrive has instructions on returning titles from several different devices. NOTE: WMA-format audiobooks cannot be returned early.