Treat Your Pain with Regenerative Medicine

Monday, December 16 @ 7 PM

Woodbridge Main Library - Ground Floor Meeting Room 

Have you wondered about some of the new and innovative pain treatment processes available that could could change your quality of  life? 
Join us on Monday, December 16 at the Woodbridge Main Library at 7:00 PM as Manisha Chahal, MD, of Edison-Metuchen Orthopaedic Group, discusses Regenerative Medicine to Treat Pain. Dr. Chahal will walk us through the promising results of regenerative medicine with a focus on platelet rich plasma and stem cells. She will explain how this process works and the evidence to support this cutting edge science. Dr. Chahal will  also describe the best practices to go about and the indications to look out for. She will disclose how to avoid misleading providers and illegitimate products.
Dr. Manisha Chahal is a board certified Interventional Pain Management Physician who specializes in minimally invasive procedures for pain.  She treats the following conditions: headache, lower back pain, joint pain, neck pain, CRPS, postherpetic neuralgia, abdominal wall pain, pelvic pain, coccydynia, and sciatica.  Additionally, Dr. Chahal also performs the following procedures: spinal cord stimulators, regenerative medicine (PRP & stem cell injections), Botox for migraines, cervical epidural steroid injection, lumbar translaminar or transforaminal epidural steroid injections, cervical and lumbar facet rhizotomy, discograms, nerve blocks (ultrasound & C-arm guided), knee genicular blocks & rhizotomy, joint injections, trigger point injections, and qutenza treatment (chemical rhizotomy) for PHN pain.
Dr. Chahal’s philosophy is use every pain management option available to help patients ease their pain and “get their life back”.
This program is free and open to all.  No registration is required.