Meeting Room Prohibitions

  1. Using the name or the address of the Woodbridge Public Library as the address for organizations using the library's meeting rooms. All publicity for an event scheduled for the meeting room shall clearly indicate the name of the sponsoring party. Nothing in the publicity may suggest the library is a sponsor of the event.
  2. Having the library publicize an organization's event (e.g., printing and distributing brochures)
  3. Using a room for the commercial benefit of private individuals or for profit-making purposes
  4. Holding meetings sponsored by or for a commercial organization for anything other than an informational purpose or at which goods or services are advertised or sold, whether for profit or to raise funds for nonprofit organizations
  5. Any sales or business transactions on the premises, including taking orders for items
  6. Political candidates' campaign meetings within 90 days of an election
  7. Disruption of other library use
  8. Private receptions or parties
  9. Using employee entrances to get to or from a meeting room
  10. Using library employees to deliver telephone messages to meeting room users
  11. Serving food in a meeting room without prior library approval
  12. Setting up food service (e.g., catering stations) or eating in hallways / outside meeting rooms
  13. Using hallways as meeting rooms
  14. Hanging materials (e.g., on the walls, from the ceiling) by any means whatsoever. The organization will be held responsible for damage to a meeting room as assessed by the library.
  15. Paints or messy craft work
  16. Open flames or candles
  17. Bingo or other games of chance
  18. Conduct of any unlawful activity
  19. Excessive noise and/or physical activities disturbing other people using the library or causing damage to library property
  20. Smoking
  21. Alcoholic beverages
  22. Posing physical or safety hazards or security risks to meeting attendees and / or library employees