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Survey Purpose

Are You a Woodbridge Creative Asset?
Are you an artist... musician... singer... writer... or involved in the Arts in Woodbridge?

If so, Woodbridge wants to include you. Knowing what our Town's "Creative Assets" are will help us better identify and explore our art community and discover what makes us distinct and sets us apart from the arts and artisans in neighboring communities.
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To help us locate, define and identify our unique "Creative Assets," we engaged Rutgers' Bloustein School to assist us as we move to update our "Creative Assets" inventory it's a crucial step toward building the Township's identity as a "Creative and Artistic" community.

By taking the survey, you will help us understand and address the needs of our arts community as we work to develop a "Creative Place-Making" plan for our newest arts community - the Avenel Arts Village. We are also engaged in developing a "Regional Access to the Alts Project" that includes a revitalized Main Street. Identifying the people, organizations, spaces, activities, and other assets in our community is a key component as we move to build a thriving arts community.


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