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  • Formats: eBooks, eAudioBooks
  • Download directly to your app-enabled devices.
  • Check out up to five items at once for up to 3 weeks. Finished one? Return it and check out something new!
  • Something you want already checked out? Place a Hold and you'll get an email when it's available.
  • Never see a late fee again!

All the most popular new books, right on your mobile device, right from Woodbridge Public Library

Join the digital age! With eLibraryNJ you can browse the expansive collection, borrow titles with your library card, and enjoy them on your computer, tablet, smartphone or eReader device. Most borrowed eBooks can be enjoyed immediately in your web browser with OverDrive Read. Or, you can send your ebooks to your Kindle® or other mobile device using the OverDrive Media Console app. eBooks can also be transferred to eReader devices such as NOOK®, Sony® Reader™ and many more using free software, Adobe® Digital Editions, on your computer.

Audiobooks can be downloaded into OverDrive® Media Console™ (just MP3 audiobooks for Mac® users). Once downloaded, titles can be enjoyed immediately or transferred to a variety of devices, including iPod® and many others. Some audio titles can also be burned to CD to listen on-the-go.

Users with smartphones or tablets can install the OverDrive Media Console app to directly download EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks titles to their device. No matter how you plan to enjoy them, you never have to worry about missing a due date: titles will automatically expire at the end of the lending period. There are no late fees!

With hundreds of popular fiction and non-fiction titles to choose from, this collection is guaranteed to have something for everyone. You can enjoy best-selling novels, well-known classics, self-improvement guides, and much more all on your own time, wherever you may be.

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More Help

Adding Woodbridge Public Library to your OverDrive Media app
  1. The first time you launch the app you will be asked to create an OverDrive account. It's not required, but allows you to sync your reading activities (your notes, your bookmarks, and your place in books you are reading) across multiple devices.

  2. Tap Sign up with facebook to connect your facebook account, or else enter the requested information and tap Sign up.

  3. Tap the symbol with the three horizontal bars to open the menu and then tap on Add a library.

  4. Search for "Woodbridge Public Library" by name, city or zip code.

  5. Tap on any of the Woodbridge Public Library options.

  6. Tap on the star next to eLibraryNJ. In the future, eLibraryNJ will be available directly in your menu right under My Libraries.

Logging in to eLibraryNJ with your Woodbridge Public Library account
  1. After tapping eLibraryNJ from the My Libraries section of the OverDrive Media app menu or visiting eLibraryNJ.com, choose Sign In at the top of the page or tap the Account icon.

  2. Select Woodbridge Public Library from the list of libraries offered.

  3. Enter the full number on the back of your library card. Tap Sign In. Tap the check-box if you want to save your information.

  4. Once logged in you can view your Bookshelf to see the books you've checked out, as well as a running total under My Account of the number of check-outs left to you. You can also use the links on the right to access a list of your requested items, and change your settings.

  5. In the Settings menu you can choose the lending period for your eBooks and eAudioBooks. Not all items can be returned early, so you may want to keep the period as close as the possible to the time you actually need so that you can sooner check out new items.

Borrowing a book from eLibraryNJ
  1. When you find a title you want to read, tap on the image of the cover in your search results to bring up the Borrow button to check it out. You can also tap on the information below the cover image or the "more" button to see a detailed page about the title and to borrow it there. If there aren't any copies available the button will instead say "Place a Hold" and you can provide an email address to be notified when it's available.

  2. In your Bookshelf, tap Download next to the title you want to load onto your device, choose one of the available formats (Kindle for reading on a Kindle or in the Kindle app, any EPUB format for reading in the OverDrive Media app), and tap Confirm & Download. It will now automatically download into your OverDrive Media app. If you chose Kindle, you will be forwarded to Amazon.com to log in and tap the "Borrow" button there, after which your title will be sent over Amazon's whispersync service to your device.

Reading a book in the OverDrive media app
  1. Open the OverDrive Media app menu and tap on Bookshelf.

  2. Tap on the image of the title you want to read to open it.

  3. The title will open and you can swipe left and right to advance the pages and to return to earlier ones.

  4. When you are finished reading, you can long tap the title (hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds) to bring up a list of options about the title: Delete will remove it from your device, but not your account. Return will delete the book from your device and remove it from your account (freeing up one of your simultaneous borrows). Share will let you tell everyone about what you're reading! Please note that Return is only available for Adobe EPUB format eBooks.