Woodbridge Public Library Student Library Card Application


This form is intended only to be submitted by students and parents or legal guardians of students in Woodbridge Township. For all other library card applicants, please see the general requirements of library membership. Thank you.


Student Application

Please fill out all information even if you or your student already has a library card so we can update our records and renew cards if necessary.

Please note that information added in this site becomes your Woodbridge Public Library card application, and will be added to the Woodbridge Public Library database. Information submitted on this form is confidential and is protected by New Jersey State Law, N.J.S.A. 18A:73-43.2.

Student's School Information
If the student attends a school in Woodbridge Township not listed in the above list, please choose "Other" and enter the name of the school here.
The current grade of the student. During the summer break, the student's current grade is the one they will begin in the fall.
Student's Information
Student's Home Address
Parent or Guardians' Information
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Student's Library Card
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