Personnel and Building Security

In order to ensure the security of library personnel and library buildings,

  1. Employees -- maintenance workers assigned to Main, personnel assigned to branches -- are responsible for securing library buildings (e.g., locking doors and windows, activating the alarm) at the end of a business day.
  2. No employees may reenter a secured building until it reopens for business, with the following exception:
    • Reentry is within 5 minutes of the library’s closing and alarm activation
    • There are at least two (2) employees present who will enter the building together, both of whom have the title of Library Assistant or higher
    • The alarm is reactivated
    • Exit from the building is within 5 minutes of reentry
  3. No employee reentering a secured building (#3 above) may be accompanied into the building by a non-employee.
  4. Employees are not permitted to enter a library building to perform work during hours or days when an agency is closed for business (e.g., Branch Sundays).
  5. Entry into library buildings during non-business hours may be monitored via the security systems' logs.