WPL Laptop & Tablets

A limited number of laptops and tablets are available at the Main Library and all Branches for patron use. They may be checked out for use inside the libraries only on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved in advance.

  • Patrons from the ages of 8 to adult can borrow laptops and tablets for use in the Main library and branch libraries. Adults (18 and over) must have a valid Woodbridge library card and a current government issued photo ID with an address, both of which must be left at the agency’s Circulation Desk while the laptop or tablet is being used. Borrowers must sign a Laptop/Tablet Borrowers Agreement in order to use a laptop or tablet. Please note that patrons with outstanding library fines or charges will not be allowed to check out laptops or tablets.
  • Children ages 8 through 17 may only sign out a laptop or tablet if a parent,  guardian or responsible adult, has signed the Laptop/Tablet Borrowers Agreement and a release form indicating that the parent or guardian understands he/she will be financially liable for any damage to the laptop or tablet.  A form may be kept on file for a school year.
  • Patrons may borrow laptops or tablets for two (2) hours. If no other patron is waiting, the time may be extended by one (1) more hour, and is available for more at the librarian’s discretion to fulfill reasonable requests as long as no one waiting for a laptop.  Laptops and tablets are available for borrowing from fifteen (15) minutes after opening until one (1) hour before closing, and must be returned no later than thirty (30) minutes before closing.
  • A patron may borrow only one laptop or tablet per day.
  • Laptops or tablets must not be left unattended at any time. If an unattended laptop or tablet is retrieved by a staff member, the borrower’s laptop or tablet borrowing privileges will be suspended.
  • Laptops or tablets may not be taken outside the building. Removal of a laptop or tablet or any of its peripherals from any of the libraries will be considered theft.
  • Borrowers may not erase any files that are on the laptop or tablet when received.
  • A borrower’s files will be automatically erased from a laptop or tablet when it is shut down. Borrowers who wish to preserve their files should save them on a USB flash drive (available for $5.00) or email the files to themselves.
  • Borrowers must use headphones (not supplied) for any application using sound. Earbuds are available for purchase at each agency’s Circulation Desk for $1.00.
  • Laptops have the following computer programs:
    • Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint.
    • Overdrive
    • BookMyne
  • Kindles have age permanent content provided by librarians.
  • Tablets have the following computer apps:
    • BookMyne
    • Google Office Apps
  • Library staff may not be available to provide technical support. Staff can spend only brief periods of time assisting patrons one-on-one with how to use a laptop or tablet; a borrower should either already know how to use the device or be able to teach him/herself.
  • The laptop or tablet should be returned still powered ON. It will be checked for damage before it is discharged from a patron’s library card.
  • The borrower is financially liable for any lost, stolen or damaged laptop or tablet.
  • The following late fees and liability apply:
    For each hour or fraction thereof that the laptop or tablet is overdue. 20 minute grace period. No maximum fine. $10.00
    Lost or damaged power cord Replacement cost + $20.00 processing fee
    Damaged laptop or tablet Repair cost (up to replacement cost) + $20.00 processing fee
    Lost or stolen laptop or tablet. (If laptop was stolen, the borrower is responsible for submitting a police report to the Library Director.) Replacement cost + $20.00 processing fee
  • Where available, wireless printing is available at the library’s print per page rate.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above rules may result in the patron’s Library privileges being suspended.
  • < Approved - Board of Library Trustees - July 20, 2017 >
  • < Revised - Board of Library Trustees - February 21, 2019 >