Medical Emergencies & Accidents

In the event of a medical emergency or an accident involving a library employee or a member of the public, First Aid should be administered only by a person certified in at least basic First Aid.  Staff members without First Aid training should not attempt to administer First Aid assistance.

There should be no delay in telephoning 911 and following dispatcher directions if the services of the First Aid Squad are indicated by the situation.

Procedures for Reporting On-the-Job Injuries

Workers’ Compensation:

When an employee is injured on the job:

  1. The injured employee must notify the supervisor of any injury immediately.  The employee and the supervisor will complete the “Accident Report”.  If medical treatment is necessary, call Carol Huber at ext. 7153 immediately and transmit the report to her (Fax 732-726-7080) within 24 hours.  If no medical treatment is necessary, 48 hour notification is acceptable.
  2. IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY Go to the nearest Hospital for treatment.  During normal business hours call Carol Huber (ext. 7153).  During non-business hours notify Carol Huber at your earliest convenience.
  3. Q.C.A. will follow up with the employee and the treating facility.
  4. In cases where the employee will be losing time notify Carol Huber.
  5. ALL treatments and diagnostic tests must be authorized by Q.C.A.
  6. Q.C.A. will be responsible for all bills.  If you do not receive a bill for services authorized under workers’ compensation, bring or send it to Carol Huber for forwarding to Q.C.A.
  7. Q.C.A. will send acknowledgement letters with the claim number to the Township.
  8. Q.C.A. will notify the Personnel Office of all restricted duty and return to work dates.  Q.C.A. will call on the day of return to work to verify.
  9. All questions concerning Procedure should be directed to Carol Huber 732-634-4450 ext. 7153.


  • < Approved - Board of Trustees - June, 1994 >
  • < Revised - Board of Trustees - February 21, 2019 >