Donate books

How do I donate books?


  • The Woodbridge Public Library welcomes donations of books, DVDs, and CDs in good condition.  The library does not accept magazines, newspapers, textbooks, encyclopedias, or out-of date materials.  Not all donations go into the library’s collection.
  • The library also accepts monetary donations, either given directly to the library or through “The Friends of the Libraries Adopt-a-Book” program.  These donations may be given as outright gifts or in honor or memory of someone.  “Friends of the Libraries Adopt-a-Book Program” donation forms are available in all library agencies and online.
  • Donations are accepted at library circulation desks until 30 minutes before the agency closing times.  Donors must make delivery appointments for donations of more than 100 items.  Due to staffing limitations, donors who need assistance with any delivery must make an appointment to schedule it.
  • When donating items, please bring them in boxes or bags that can be left with the library. We receive lots of donations and cannot spare extra materials to transport them to the Friends of the Libraries. At this time we cannot accept loose donations.

Donation Appraisals

  • The library does not appraise donated items, but does issue receipts noting the number of items donated. 
  • People who need a receipt for large donations to the library should tally the total number of books they are donating prior to dropping off the donation.  This will ensure donors get their donation receipts promptly.