Virtual Program: Meet the Artist - Franc Palaia

Thursday, October 8 @ 7 PM

Online - Zoom

You may have heard of, if not seen, the murals on the tunnel and etchings on the waiting room at the Woodbridge (Downtown) NJ Transit station. But, do you know who created them? 
Find out all the details on Thursday, October 8  @ 7 PM on Zoom when Saumya Ganguly, of Woodbridge Downtown interviews this talented artist!
This program is free and open to all. Registration is required. Please register here.
Busy people in a hurry to go somewhere. That is how a lot of us are as we pass through Woodbridge Downtown. It is natural that the we often hear "I didn't know we had that in the downtown!" Those are gems in hiding in plain sight.
Most likely the three 20 foot etched glass windscreens at the Woodbridge station fall in that blind spot. As does the murals in the tunnel underpass at the station. Each summer music lovers walk down the underpass on their way to or back from the summer concerts. But a lot of residents say that the underpass murals were painted by Rusty.
So we have, for the first time, the artist who painted the murals and etched the glass to talk about his work. How he got the inspiration and pitched the idea to NJ Transit. How he was surprised to have been awarded the commission for both the art works. And how he created the blend of commerce and charm for all of us to appreciate. This story has not been told before, or has been long forgotten. We are lucky that Franc is still interested in sharing it after over fourteen years.
Franc Palaia is an interdisciplinary award winning artist. We would not be surprised if the dictionary named him as an example of the word "versatile." Besides being a muralist, he paints, photographs, curates, and is a lecturer. That is when is not a film and TV producer, sculptor, sign-maker, lamp designer, book artist, and educator. We will not not get into his encyclopedic resume for you can look him up online.
But what you will not find online is the person who will show up on a monitor near you on Oct 8, 7:00 pm. Be sure to be there and ask questions, in this "Meet the Artist" session.