Upcoming Programs

Children's Club

Can you complete the Challenge?

Outdoor storytimes begin at all locations for preschoolers, plus make sure to grab some take-home crafts for kids.

Upcoming Programs

Teens' Club

Win prizes, make crafts, play games and more!

Do-it-yourself Dirt Cups and Wall Hangers! Best part? You can EAT the dirt cups! (Please don't eat the wall hangers.)

Upcoming Programs

Adults' Club

Win cool prizes!

What was it like when your vehicle's engine was a horse? Join us and the Museum of Early Trades & Crafts for a virtual look into nineteenth century horse-powered travel!


SPECIAL ALERT : COVID-19 and Vaccination Updates

June 2021

Concerning Library Hours:  Please check our hours for up to date information regarding library schedules.

Visitor Guidelines

Masks are strongly recommended for visitors, and continue to be required for all unvaccinated visitors. Masks are available at all service points.

Children ages 2 - 11 must wear a mask indoors.

Food & drink must be consumed outside.

Library visitors are encouraged to continue to observe CDC best hygiene practice.

Online payment and self-pay stations are available.