Mission & Purpose

The mission and purpose of the Woodbridge Police Department is generally threefold:
  • To preserve life and property,
  • To provide a general police service for the residents of the Township, and
  • To enforce federal, state, county and municipal laws, statutes and ordinances.

Commitment to Excellence

The Woodbridge Township Police Department is committed to the pursuit of a philosophy reflecting the highest degree of ethical, moral, and fairly applied law enforcement.

We are committed to providing law enforcement services that are fairly, effectively and impartially applied. Toward that end, officers are held to the highest standards of conduct and are expected to respect the rights of all citizens. Adherence to these standards, motivated by a moral and professional obligation to perform the job to the best of our ability, is the ultimate objective of this agency. The effectiveness of a law enforcement agency is dependent upon public approval and acceptance of police authority. We must be responsive to the community and provide formal procedures for receiving complaints and concerns from the public regarding agency and officer performance.

Our Officers

Our officers are carefully selected and receive extensive training to help them perform their duties in a fair, honest, impartial, and professional manner. If you feel strongly about the conduct of an officer, either positively or negatively, please let us know.

Employees appreciate recognition for a job well done, and police officers and civilian employees of the department are no exception. If an officer or other department member renders a service you feel is worthy of recognition, the department would like to hear about it. Please send your comments and the details of your contact to:
Police Director, Robert Hubner
Woodbridge Police Department
1 Main Street
Woodbridge, NJ 07095