Questions and Answers

Q. How do I put my cart out?

• Check your calendar to make sure it is your collection day

• Place your cart at the curb after 4pm the day before your collection as shown in the drawing

• DO NOT place any items next to the cart, only items in the cart will be collected

• Make sure cart lids are closed to prevent litter from blowing

• Remove your cart from the curb by 9pm the day of your collection

• Carts must be stored in your side or rear yard.

Recycle image

Q. What goes in the Green Cart (trash)?

Answer:  Household waste that cannot be recycled. Please check ‘What goes in the Blue Cart’ for recyclable items.

Do not put in Green Cart-








Large oversized items

Q. What goes in the Blue Cart (Recycling)?


what to recycle
Q. How do I store my carts?

Answer: Your Trash and Recycling Carts must be stored in your side or rear yard.

Q. What is the Recycle Coach App and how do I download it?


Recycle Coach

Q. How do I schedule a curbside collection for Bulky Items or Bulky Rigid Plastics?

Answer:  Call Sanitation at 732-738-1311 ext. 3600
​                 (Fees may apply)

Examples of Bulky Items or Bulky Rigid Plastics:




Garbage Cans


Ride on Toys

Q. How do I schedule a curbside collection for  Appliances, Electronics, or Metal?

Answer:  Call Recycling at 732-738-1311 ext. 3035
​               (Fees may apply)

​Q. When is the Spring Yard Waste Clean-up collection and what do I need to do?

Answer:  It is usually held in April.  Please check your calendar for your pick up dates.

BRUSH- Tree branches must be no longer than

4 feet, bundled and tied.

LEAVES- Leaves must be in biodegradable paper leaf

bags. Remember leaves only! Leaf bags will be

available at the Department of Public Works in

Keasbey during the month of April while supplies last.

Q. When is my trash and recycling collected?