Fire Alarms

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In the event of a fire, the Fire Department must be notified immediately either by the Pull Alarm Station of by dialing 911. The most direct alarm notification is accomplished by pulling the Pull Alarm Station. That is also the only way in which an alarm will be sounded throughout the building.

To activate this alarm, all that is required is a downward pull on the white handle.

Pull Alarm Stations are located:

  • Lower Level:
    • Hallway Outside the Staff Room
    • Hallway Outside the Meeting Room
    • Storage Room Behind Meeting Room
    • Boiler Room
    • Maintenance Garage
  • Main Level:
    • Next to the Front Door at Exit
    • Rear Exit Stairwell
  • Administrative Level:
    • Next to Elevator Near Stairwell Exit
  • Roof:
    • Air Handler Rooms