Materials Fines & Fees

Overdue Fines Per Day

MaterialFine Per DayMaximum Fine
Adult Books$0.15$20.00
Adult Compact Discs$0.25$15.00
Adult DVDs$2.00$20.00
Adult Educational Media$0.25$20.00
Adult Periodicals$0.15$5.00
Adult Audiobooks and Playaways$0.25$50.00
Mobile Internet Hotspot$5.00$100.00
Museum Passes$10.00$20.00
Children's Books$0.10$10.00
Children's Book/Cassette Kits$0.10$15.00
Children's Book/CD Kits$0.10$15.00
Children's Compact Discs$0.10$15.00
Children's DVDs/Videos$0.50$10.00
Children's Periodicals$0.10$5.00
Children's Audiobooks$0.10$15.00
Children's Audiobook CDs$0.10$20.00

Additional Materials and Other Fees

Non-Resident Family Library Card$75.00Card is good for one year; no senior discounts
Collection Agency Referral$20.00Per occurrence
Faxing (Domestic) and Scanning$1.75 + $1 per pageSelf-service machine; credit or debit card only
Faxing (International)$3.95 + $3.45 per pageSelf-service machine; credit or debit card only
Printing (Microform Reader)$0.25Per page
Printing (Black and White)$0.15Per page
Printing (Color)$0.25Per page
Earbuds$1.00For purchase; nonreturnable
Flash Drives$5.00For purchase
Laptop or Tablet Computer$10.00Per half hour (20 minute grace period)

Lost Item Replacement Costs

MaterialCost Per Item
Barcode Replacement$3.00
Lost Materials Processing Fee$5.00
Media Bags$3.00
DVD Cases$2.00
DVD Case Locking Strips$2.00
Adult Compact Discs$20.00
Adult DVDs$30.00
Adult Books - Hardcovers$30.00
Adult Books - Trade Paperbacks$20.00
Adult Books - Mass Market Paperbacks$10.00
Adult Books - QuikReads$30.00
Adult Books - Audiobooks - Missing CDs$10.00 per disc
Adult Books - Audiobook and Playaway Cases$5.00 per case
Adult Books - Audiobooks and Playaways$75.00
Adult Books - Young Adult Hardcovers$20.00
Adult Books - Young Adult Paperbacks$10.00
Children's Compact Discs$20.00
Children's DVDs$15.00
Children's Books - Hardcovers$15.00
Children's Books - Trade Paperbacks$10.00
Children's Books - Mass Market Paperbacks$5.00
Children's Books - Board Books$5.00
Children's Books - Graphic Novel Paperbacks$10.00
Children's Book/Cassette Kits$20.00
Children's Book/CD Kits$25.00
Children's Book/CD-ROM Kits$25.00
Children's Books - Audiobooks - Missing Cassettes$5.00 per cassette
Children's Books - Cassette Audiobooks$30.00
Children's Books - Audiobooks - Missing CDs$8.00 per disc
Children's Books - CD Audiobooks$50.00
Educational Media$30.00
Periodicals (Adult and Children)$5.00
Museum Passes$25.00
Museum Pass Cases$1.00 per case
Launchpad Portfolio Packaging$8.00
Launchpad Orange Bumpers$10.00
Launchpad USB Cords$8.00
Launchpad AC Adaptors$10.00
Mobile Internet Hotspot$100.00
Mobile Internet Hotspot Charger$15.00
Laptop or Tablet ComputerRepair or replacement cost

Mutilated Materials Fees


  • Up to 10 pages (20 sides or fewer): $1.00 per page + $5.00 processing fee
  • 11 pages or more (22 sides or more) or substantial physical damage : replacement cost of book as listed in Books in Print or the library's out of print price schedule as applicable
  • Books mutilated by removal of spine label, bar code label or book pocket - $3.00 processing fee

Magazines & Newspapers

  • 5 pages (10 sides) or fewer: $0.50 per page plus $1.00 processing fee
  • 6 pages (12 sides) or more: Replacement cost of $5.00 per issue for all magazines

Approval Dates

  • Approved - Board of Library Trustees - January 8, 2018