Emergency Closings

The Library is a public institution, and every effort is made to maintain regular hours for the public. The Library will be closed only when weather conditions deteriorate to the point where emergency situations prevail or when there are insufficient staff to maintain minimum public service functions. The Library Director will determine when the Library should close and will notify appropriate supervisors.

A regular staff member scheduled to work shall suffer no reduction of vacation, personal, or sick leave if the Library is closed because of bad weather. In the event the Library officially has a late opening or an early closing, employees scheduled to work and who report at the delayed opening time or leave at the early closing time shall suffer no loss of pay.

If the Library must be closed due to weather conditions, all regular staff scheduled to work during closed hours will suffer no loss of pay. Pages and temporary employees are paid only for hours worked or for the remainder of the shift which they began working prior to the closing. In the event of inclement weather conditions likely to result in emergency closing arise after the Library opens, pages/temporary staff scheduled to work and not available for notification by telephone must contact the Library to learn if they are to report as scheduled. Every effort will be made to notify staff not to report, but the Library will not be obligated to compensate those pages/temporary staff members it cannot contact and who do not in turn contact the Library.