Vacation Loan

The Library offers vacation loans each year. The loan period begins on the third Thursday of June and ends on the first Friday after Labor Day. Only books, excluding those specified in the annual vacation loan memo, can be borrowed on vacation loan.

All vacation loan books must be approved by a librarian.

Changes in the length of the loan period and/or the number of books loaned are made at the discretion of a librarian or agency head in accordance with the applicable year's Vacation Loan Procedures guidelines:

Sample Guideline

To: All Staff
From: Main Library Coordinator
Date: June 20YY
Re: Vacation Loan Procedures

20YY vacation loan dates are June DD, 20YY through September DD, 20YY.

A librarian must approve all book loans.

Children's books will be eligible this year, except for new books and summer reading list books.

The following adult materials cannot be approved for vacation loans:

  • 20YY titles
  • Black tape books
  • Two-week books
  • Quik Reads
  • Test guides
  • Magazines
  • Media items
  • Travel guides
  • School reading list books
  • Textbooks

Do not allow a patron to borrow all titles of one author or all titles on one subject.


Please use your judgment and discretion in applying the above procedures to each borrower.

Thank you.

Approval Dates

  • Approved - Board of Library Trustees - July 16, 2015
  • Revised - Board of Library Trustees - February 21, 2019